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LWFB’s Appeal 

Let’s Work For Bangladesh (LWFB) appeals for your contribution to run Bangladesh Canberra Friendship School (BCFS) established in Char Fasson, Bhola, Bangladesh in 2010. The school has around 300 students, which is supported by community contributions mainly from Canberra. 

This school (class1–5) is run by Co-operation in Development, Australia (CO-ID) (www.fredhyde.org). 

You can view school activities at (https://profiles.google.com/letsworkforbangladesh/photos/5712682904788317041

and http://youtu.be/lWeOZdec3wk

 Mr Borhan Shafi (Bijoy), a member of LWFB, recently visited BCFS. During his visit, Bijoy spoke to a number of students who informed that most of these students work, after school, to support their families. Few students receive support from family towards their education. The teachers, students and the local school committee all conveyed their thanks to the sponsors for their support.

On behalf of the community, each year LWFB collects your contributions to make $8,000 which then transfer to CO-ID to cover the running cost of BCFS.  LWFB is now collecting contributions for 2012. 

To cover the cost for 2012, LWFB encourages your personal or group contribution, by June 2012. Like previous years a receipt would be issued and all contributions are tax deductible in Australia. To make your contribution please contact one of the members below.

Borhanuddin Shafi (Bijoy)  0421708882 

Dr. Ajoy Kar 0422340462 

Ziaul Hoque (Bablu) 0411031942

Tarek Safa 0409360006

Shakhawat Hossain 0404259369

Haseeb Iqbal Danny

Dr Zamir Hossain 0434436315

Shamsuddin Shafi (Biplob) 0411376753

Asad Uz Zaman 0413787072


Let’s Work for Bangladesh (LWFB)



Account Name: Cooperation in Development, Australia
A/C – 264017762
BSB – 014-735

(In the reference please put in your name)

This is a group to encourage all Bangladeshi's to do something for their country in any shape or form. It does not matter how big or small the contribution is, what really matters is to get started. The initial thoughts that we had was to initiate projects which will fund schools in the very poor communities targeting the primary or secondary school education. It might even be about sponsoring children in Banlgadesh. We need more suggestions!!! Every thought of a passionate Bangladeshi will count...If you have been thinking for long of doing something for someone in Bangladesh then this could be a group for all of us... Who will stand for our people if we don't!!!

We are currently working in Partnership with CO- Operation in Development Australia Inc (www.fredhyde.org) to build more schools in Bangladesh.

Pre-schools opened, Lives changed

In the last few months CO-ID has opened our first 2 pre-schools in Bangladesh. Now we have the first pictures back.

Demand for pre-schools is huge – we built these 2 pre-schools for 50 students each but one of them has 100 little children attending.

pre-school class

The experience of building the pre-schools has meant that we can bring costs down – from 2013 onwards they will cost $7000 to build and just $2000 per year to run. If you are interested in sponsoring a pre-school contact Tony Kent on 0412622025 or contact@fredhyde.org

We would like to acknowledge the donors from Darwin and Melbourne who made these kinders possible, as well as the work of Fred Hyde and the team in Bangladesh. 

If you would like to see the full newsletter, it is here.

Seasons greetings,

CO-ID Committee

Building schools, bringing hope. The CO-ID Organisation

Find us at Facebook: Click here..
Let’s Work for Bangladesh (LWFB) will be running a Food Stall in the National Multicultural Festival in Canberra on 12 February 2011. The money raised from selling food will be used to support 300 underprivileged students of the ‘Canberra-Bangladesh Friendship School’ at Chorfashion, Vola, Bangladesh. LWFB welcomes every support from Canberra community to make this endeavoura success. Please extend your support by visiting our stall (No. 68 -69) located in the City Walk in front of Dymocks.
Please visit our Photo Gallery: Fred's 90th Birthday & Trivia Night For Fund raising towards BCFS to find out latest activities.
We have received $5,000 grant from SMEC Foundation for Teacher Training centre on Bhola Island. This was a grant application that we made on behalf of CO-ID. Although this amount is not as significant as $45,000 grant received last year, this is significant. Once again this money is going to Bangladesh and will be spent on education.

On a separate note, the total funds raised so far for “Bangladesh Canberra Friendship School” is $8,985. Thank you for your support.

© Let's Work For Bangladesh

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