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24th Dec, 2011

Pre-schools opened, Lives changed

In the last few months CO-ID has opened our first 2 pre-schools in Bangladesh. Now we have the first pictures back.

Demand for pre-schools is huge – we built these 2 pre-schools for 50 students each but one of them has 100 little children attending.

pre-school class

The experience of building the pre-schools has meant that we can bring costs down – from 2013 onwards they will cost $7000 to build and just $2000 per year to run. If you are interested in sponsoring a pre-school contact Tony Kent on 0412622025 or contact@fredhyde.org

We would like to acknowledge the donors from Darwin and Melbourne who made these kinders possible, as well as the work of Fred Hyde and the team in Bangladesh. 

If you would like to see the full newsletter, it is here.

Seasons greetings,

CO-ID Committee

Building schools, bringing hope. The CO-ID Organisation

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11 Jan 2010
Dear all,
Just wanted to share this great news!
We have received $5,000 grant from SMEC Foundation for Teacher Training centre on Bhola Island. This was a grant application that we made on behalf of CO-ID. Although this amount is not as significant as $45,000 grant received last year, this is significant. Once again this money is going to Bangladesh and will be spent on education.

On a separate note, the total funds raised so far for “Bangladesh Canberra Friendship School” is $8,985. Thank you for your support.

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