Co-operation in Development Australia, Inc (CO-ID)

This Australian charity is bringing life and learning to Bhola Island in Bangladesh. For 20 years, CO-ID (Co-Operation In Development Australia Inc.) led by Fred Hyde, has been quietly building schools in one of the poorest areas of Bangladesh, on Bhola Island in the Ganges Delta. To date, there are 41 schools and two pre-schools.

By helping to build the educational system and encourage the acceptance of basic primary education, CO-ID is creating a brighter future, using Bangladesh’s greatest resource - the children. It costs $8,000 to build a school and another $8,000 to run a school. 

There is an urgent need for primary education because education is the only sure path to sustained development and a brighter future.

CO-ID works on the remote Bhola Island in southern Bangladesh, the largest island in the Ganges Delta with an estimated population of over two million. This island is plagued by devastating flooding. Its people have had their homes washed away by the river, and have been forced to settle in this most inhospitable area, where even the basic necessities of the Third World do not exist. Only recently have roadways been built into the area and a power supply is still to be installed in the areas where CO-ID schools operate.

CO-ID saw the need for more education in 1991.
In 1991, the charity CO-ID (Co-Operation In Development) led by Australian Fred Hyde, decided to take basic education to the children of Bhola Island. Fred had been working the region for some years which gave him special insights into what the local people needed the most. The chance to learn.

Today, the CO-ID team has helped to educate more than 60,000 children in local schools, built through hard work, grit and making every charity dollar donated count.

Unlike some charities, CO-ID runs an extremely lean administrative structure. No fancy offices, long lunches or business perks.
CO-ID is a small charity. In Australia, it is staffed entirely by charity volunteers who are happy to give their time and professional expertise to expand education to kids who need it. In Bangladesh, we employ only local people at local wages to teach the children.
Leading Australian schools also play a great role in CO-ID’s work by supporting us with ongoing fund raising efforts and donations.
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