Grameen Shikkha

Professor Yunus founded Grameen Shikkha, a not-for-profit social enterprise incorporated under the Companies Act 1994, to promote development of education in the country especially amongst the poor and disadvantaged and has been its Chairperson since Shikkha was established in 1997. He has been working for Shikkha on a fully voluntary basis. 
Their mission is

  • To provide financial support to poor meritorious students in the form of scholarship.
  • To promote mass education through formal and non-formal methods.
  • To organize facilities for education and training.
  • To promote new and appropriate technologies such as satellite, Internet, distance learning methods etc. as well as innovate ideas and methods for development of education with a view to alleviating illiteracy.
  • To conduct research and undertake experimentation in the field of education.
Charity type: