Walk for life

Every year in Bangladesh an estimated 5000 children are born with a clubfoot deformity (a condition where the feet are turned inside at birth), which is approximately one of every 1000 children born in our country. Left untreated, the condition leads to lifelong deformity causing individual disability and potential unproductively. This causes the children to grow up as burdens of the family and ultimately leads to significant poverty. This is visible in the fact that many of the beggars in Bangladesh have visible clubfeet.
For older children and adults, expensive corrective orthopedic surgery is the only option for treatment which is not often affordable by the generally poor population of our country. However younger children can be treated by the Ponseti Method, which is an effective, inexpensive, and permanent treatment. Through progressive casting, the soft, pliable tissues of the babies are corrected by The Ponseti Method.
In Bangladesh Walk for Life partners with the Ministry of Health through an MOU to run clinics throughout the country.
For further information please visit - http://www.walkforlife.org.au

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