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Below is the progress of our charity campaign to support this project.

$500 of $30,000 raised

Zakat Appeal for Prosthetics – 2024

Project goal: LWFB funds hospital treatments that correct and/or attach artificial limb(s) to someone who may have lost their limb(s)/ due an accident or they were born with deformity improving the quality of life. This project is eligible for zakat.

Dear Donors,


Last year through your Zakat contributions, LWFB contributed a significant sum of funding that were invested in improving quality of life for close to 100 individuals, allowing people to walk again for the first time. There are about 30 more individuals who will continue to benefit as the procedures complete soon. Prosthetics projects are implemented by our trusted partner TMSS Medical College and Rafatullah Community Hospital (TMC & RCH) in Bogra, Bangladesh.

Recent cases supported by LWFB:

I want to draw your attention to this boy who was born with a complication that prevented him from walking like a normal boy of his age. Imagine the sorrow and humility this boy carried on his little shoulders until this very inexpensive and short procedure mobilized him. Please see his condition before the treatment in the picture below.

And now after the treatment at TMSS, this boy (Abdollah Al Amin) walks again. Watch this video –

All this was possible with a contribution of only BDT25,000 (approx. AUD350).

We have attached one more photo of a 12-year-old boy (patient B) who came to TMSS for treatment and returned with the ability to walk. To protect his privacy some details have been obfuscated.

Our appeal:

Please see attached appeal letter from TMSS. We are appealing to you to contribute a part of Zakat and/or Sadaqah towards this noble cause. We look forward to your kind gestures, support, and contributions to continue to help the needy people of Bangladesh.

All collections would be passed on to TMSS Medical College and Rafatullah Community Hospital (TMC&RCH), Bogura promptly.  

Through your Zakat and Sadaqah, you can give an opportunity to someone to walk for life! Details:

This year’s target AUD 30,000 OR ~130 Individuals for this year
Unit Costs (Indicative) AUD 100 – 600 
Prosthetics supplies
  • Mechanical knee joint -Tk.18,000 (AUD 300) per unit
  • Mechanical Ankle joint – Tk.12,000 (AUD 170) per unit
  • Trans Radial Components – Tk.15,000 (AUD 215) per unit
  • Trans femoral Components – Tk.19,000 (AUD 300) per unit
  • KAFO Orthosis Components – Tk.6500 (AUD 95) per unit
  • AFO Orthosis Materials – Tk.4,000 (AUD 60) per unit.
  • Trans Tibial prosthetic – Tk.10,000 (AUD 145) per unit
  • Trans Femoral prosthetics -Tk.15000 (AUD 215) per unit
Bangladesh charity partner  TMSS Hospital, Rotary Club of Ramna, Rotary Club of Bogura & Rotary Club of IlsanJayuro.
Pay online by clicking the link  – >


Pay to Bank Account

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account Name: Let’s Work for Bangladesh (LWFB)

BSB: 062913  

Account: 10986752  

(Description: Prosthetics – Name), please send an email to

Bangladesh Donors  We can accept contributions in Bangladesh. Please contact us for bank account details.
This is an ongoing project.  

We would greatly appreciate if you kindly share this email with your family and friends!

As usual, we appreciate your generous SUPPORT! For any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Reza Karim

Zakat sub-committee fund raising co-ordinator 2024.

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